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Kerr’s Pro Tool Sales

Bradley Kerr, Owner

Based out of Williamsburg, Va., Bradley Kerr has owned and operated Kerr’s Pro Tool Sales for over six years. Driving nearly 300 miles on his weekly route, Bradley supports automotive repair shops, dealerships, and machinery technicians from his truck, supplying them with the tools they need to do their jobs.

Expansion in mind
Understanding the kind of devices and systems that his
customers require Bradley wanted to be able to offer more sophisticated and costly equipment – some retailing for as much as $15,000. While needing the capital to invest in these larger products, Bradley initially turned to Worldpay for his credit card processing needs.

Recommended by the CRM software company he uses, Bradley was impressed with the simple and convenient way Worldpay integrated with the program’s system. Having worked with Worldpay for nearly a year, Bradley received a letter from Worldpay Working Capital offering the financing opportunity he’d been waiting for.


Working Capital gets to work, again
Bradley applied and was quickly approved, enabling him to purchase diagnostic units for heavy-duty equipment lines, units that he promptly sold to his customers. With the success of the first advance, Bradley applied for a second, which he also used to help finance a deeper inventory for his business.

“The first advance was paid off with Worldpay … and they even lowered the percentage for me for payment,” Bradley says. “It was a wonderful system the first time, so I was fully on board with doing it again.”

But along with the power to better serve his customers, Bradley gained a financing option that worked for him. The ease of payment is important, he explains.

“You don’t receive a bill in the mail or like another statement that you have to pay off,” he says. “It’s done on the backside of the credit card processing and comes out that way.”

Fueling new business plans
Bradley has incorporated Worldpay Working Capital into his business model. As a result, he is now ready for a third renewal to help further expand his inventory. He is also considering adding a second truck to his operation to extend his route and increase his customer base. And he looks forward to an ongoing – and advantageous – relationship with Worldpay.

“It’s definitely improved things greatly,” he says. “I absolutely love dealing with them – the ease, the simplicity of it. It’s really been amazing.”