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Casimino Reyes, Owner

From its humble beginning as a flower shop to a much-more-than-general store, Casimino Reyes has cultivated his business from the ground up. Immigrating from the Dominican Republic to the US over 25 years ago Casimino arrived with limited means but a wealth of determination. He now operates a growing storefront that has become a hub for its Ronkonkoma, Long Island community.

Rising above the rest
Casimino entered the flower business as a flower cleaner before going into business for himself. With a passion for the industry and a love of people, he says, he opened his own shop, but quickly observed that the floral business was changing. Competing with supermarkets and larger retailers, he understood he had to quickly differentiate himself to succeed.

“I said let me do something totally different to draw people towards the store … so I try to bring in something totally different.”

" With the money, now I can make a profit, and I can see where the money is going – towards the business itself and the growth of my business. You are helping me support my business. Your company has helped me tremendously. "
Casimino Reyes
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Worldpay Working Capital fills the need
Casimino realized he had to develop his inventory, but he knew he needed help to do it. Having moved his business into a renovated dairy barn, he had the space, but lacked the funds to expand. That’s when he discovered Worldpay Working Capital.

“I needed money to get supplies, to organize,” Casimino says. “I said let me see if I can find capital or something like that, and your letter came that same week. I looked it over, and I said I’m going to just call and try it and see. And everything worked out.”

Casimino was approved, and he used the advance to invest in the diversity of items he carries. Today, his barn and its surrounding grounds are filled with everything eclectic and unique: fountain statues and wood carvings, artists’ paintings, and fabricated metal sculptures. He has figurines made in Mexico, home décor and wall hangings imported from Bali, and handmade benches that he brings in from the Amish countryside.

And he sells flowers too, of course.

Growing forward
From flower shop to garden center to general store of limitless variety, Casimino’s business has evolved to meet – and exceed – his customers’ expectations. It’s something he looks forward to doing more of with further assistance from Worldpay Working Capital and, he explains, it’s the opportunity to serve tourists and his local community alike that makes his business worthwhile.

“I’m alive today, I have a business, and I’m thankful. I’m grateful – grateful to meet such amazing people. I’ve come a long way. It’s been a journey, but an amazing journey,” he says.

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