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Worldpay Working Capital powered by Liberis provides fast and flexible financing to your merchants, helping them manage their cash flow and meet their business goals. Partner with us to share in your merchants’ success and watch your business grow alongside theirs.

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How Working Capital works

  • Merchants* are given a personalized offer for finance based on previous transaction activity and business potential.
  • Merchants work directly with Liberis to finalize funding details and complete the agreement.
  • Upon approval, merchants receive funding.

What our customers have to say

" When other companies call to offer you money, you have to jump through a lot of hoops. But with Worldpay, I filled out a form, I got a phone call, and bing, bang, boom—I got the money I needed. It was the greatest thing. "
Michael Czegledi
Owner, Michael's Cleaners


Increase merchant retention.

Working Capital encourages merchants to stay with their current payment provider as funding is paid back, on average, over 4-6 months**.

Easily expand your offerings.

Our turn-key marketing campaigns allow you to focus on growing your business while Working Capital helps your merchants grow theirs.

Seamless direct access.

Utilize the Capital Offers API and add Working Capital to your product offering in just a few clicks.

Funding for your merchants.

Working Capital allows you to offer a quick and easy cash advance solution to your merchants that truly works with their business.

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*Personalized offers are only available to merchants who meet the eligibility criteria. Offers are dependent on the total dollar amount of future receivables purchased and customer profile.

**As of May 2020, the average amount of time it takes a merchant to pay for their cash advance is 5.15 months.

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